Zed Ornament by JingleNog

Zed Ornament by JingleNog

$ 75.00


The Zed Story

The stripes of this Equus are recognized in an instant,
 but make them also hard to spot from long distances.
They are social herd animals who are protective helpers,
sticking by and caring for their weak and elders.
These savanna and grassland African dwellers,
no matter what the weather, require little shelter,
but when the days are cold or sweltering,
the limbs of Baobob trees are always welcoming.
Zed is the name of this prototypical zebra.
Zed has eye sight and hearing that are stellar.
While born to run, like his stripes he seeks a balance life,
filled with freedom to roam and little strife.
While not the fastest animals, Zebras have great stamina.
Able outdistance the faster lion and cheetah,
 by running in zig-zags no one can outlast the zebra.
Zebras may be peace loving herbivores,
 but brave and cleverly fight back if the need occurs.
Many animals have learned this and taken their licks,
at the end of a zebra’s strong defensive kick.
  • Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland
  • Sterling Silver Lined Hand Blown Glass Zebra Ornament
  • Special Whimsical Christmas Zebra in a Glitter Santa Suit with Hand Painted Poinsettia Details
  • Limited Edition Collectible Keepsake Holiday Zebra Christmas Tree Ornament Decoration
  • 4.25″

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