Holiday Rescue Ornament by JingleNog

Holiday Rescue Ornament by JingleNog

$ 70.00


The Holiday Rescue Story

There was a Dalmatian named Spot,
who since he was a newborn pup,
aspired to the job of driving a fire truck.
As soon as he was able, when the fire house whistle blew,
our dog Spot was in view,
leaping into action he flew,
down the fire pole to help with rescues.
Each morning he awoke with energy and commitment renewed,
pooch play dates he would eschew,
with “a rain check? Thank you!”
Even on Sundays after visiting his pew,
he would bid his family adieu,
then studying until the wee of the night would ensue.
Spot trained harder than anyone in his crew,
and as he did, his knowledge grew,
soon he was the one they all turned to,
because he knew what was what and what to do.
After years of dedication Spot’s dream came true.
He was named chief driver of the Holiday Rescue.

  • Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland
  • Sterling Silver Lined Glass Dalmatian Dog in Red Fire Truck Ornament
  • 4″H

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