Beejou for You Ornament by JingleNog

Beejou for You Ornament by JingleNog

$ 48.00


The Beejou for You Story

This is a Beejou for You, an amie that is ever true. In laughter and tears you are there, and oh the times we have shared. Whenever I need you, a la déjà vu, you appear without much ado, never asking why, when or who, just what can I do? You brighten my days, defining friendship in every way. Words fail me with the correct phrase, but you have given more than I can ever repay. A friend through and through, you are a true bijou, I cherish and love you, may we never bid adieu.

  • Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland
  • Sterling Silver Lined Glass Bee Medallion Christmas Ornament Decoration
  • Trimmed with Czech Crystals
  • 3.75″ Tall

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