Tropical Parrot Clip on Bird by Inge-Glas

Tropical Parrot Clip on Bird by Inge-Glas

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Tropical Parrot on Bird Christmas Ornament

Inge-Glas of Germany

Measures approximately 9.75" (Measured from crown to tip of feathers)

Birds have been one of the most popular ornaments for decorating a Christmas tree.
Seeing that these feathered dwellers of the sky have chosen trees as nestling places 
they certainly deserve a place on the most beautiful of trees - The Christmas Tree.  
Authentic German Christmas Ornaments, mouth blown glass by the artisans at the 
Inge-glas workshops are finished with spun glass tails and clips that easily attach 
to the branches.
Naturally, the symbolic significance which birds have earned from time immemorial, 
added to their popularity.  The dove stands for peace, the stork for fertility, the owl 
for wisdom, the swan for grace, the parrot for long life - themes, that associate with 
Christmas themselves.  

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