Siegfried Snow by Inge-Glas

Siegfried Snow by Inge-Glas

$ 21.99


Inge's Christmas Décor, Christmas Visions  
Inge's #10007S018
Dimensions:   3.2
Materials: Glass 
Collectible Ornaments

Item Details: 
The Christmas decorations product line "INGE-GLAS® MANUFAKTUR" leaves no wishes unfulfilled. It is handmade in Germany using traditional methods.
It is home to both the historical and the trendy avant-garde, the classical and the curious. Our beautiful antique moulds, current trends and fashions and the interplay of color and shape take equally effect on the collection.
With experience and with great care every single glass ornament is mouth-blown in-house manufactory and finished with sterling silver. With great attention to detail handmade glass jewelry is produced in the highest quality and with lasting value.

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