SallyeAnder Essential Soap

SallyeAnder Essential Soap

$ 7.99


100% handmade, hypoallergenic bar soap. Made with all natural ingredients and essential oils.


Clear the mind and sharpen the memory. A restorative and relaxing anti-oxidant. 5 ounce bar. Ingredients: olive oils blend, rosemary and balsam essential oils.

Milk & Mint:

Our best selling essential soap! Milk and Mint is insanely refreshing and uplifting. Using local organic milk and pure spearmint essential oil, this bar is delightful! Rich in vitamin C, and perfectly moisturizing. 5 ounce bar. Ingredients: Spearmint, Hudson Valley Milk

Lavender Moon:

A dreamy lavender soap. Mixed with pure lavender essential oil to create a delightfully dark purple swirl and oatmeal for an effective exfoliation. This lovely lavender is soothing and calming, great for just before bed, or in a bath, sure to relieve the stress and revitalize your skin. Each bar is bound to have you looking forward to your next shower or bath. 5 ounce bar. Ingredients: Lavender Oil, Bergamont, Oatmeal

Morning at the Lake:

A refreshing and relaxing blend of Orange, Jasmine, and Evergreen. Orange essential oil helps to reduce dark spots, blemishes and is beneficial to acne prone skin. When combined with jasmine and evergreen, it leaves the skin firm and glowing and helps rejuvenate tired, dull and dry skin. 5 ounce bar. Ingredients: olive oil blend; jasmine, orange, lavender, rose and evergreen essential oils.

Gardener's Hand:

Made from soap scraps and cornmeal, this bar can cut through any stain. Rich in glycerin, it won’t dry out your hands, body, or clothing. Known to remove stains from: grass, food, bubble gum, blood, grease, grape juice, mildew, printer ink, and many more annoyances! Net wt 6 oz. Ingredients: Combination Of Our Scraps And Cornmeal


Reflective, tranquil, and calm. The unique blend of essential oils helps the body manufacture collagen, keeping the skin supple and smooth. Rich in vitamins C and E and loaded with antioxidants for younger looking skin! Lakeshore gently exfoliates dead dry skin and moisturizes the new skin beneath. Truly luscious. For dry or irritated skin. 5oz.

Ingredients: olive oil blend, lemongrass, frankincense, rosewood, vanilla bean and patchouli essential oils.


Woodsy scent from fir needles, Siberian oils, and eucalyptus.


Refreshingly different! The combination of Eucalyptus and  Lemongrass soothe sore muscles and eases headaches. Storm soap was named for its intense scent of the calm after a rainstorm.

Ingredients: Olive oil blend, Eucalyptus, lemongrass and North Atlantic cedar wood

Almond Goat Milk:

Creamy almond scented goat milk soap is excellent for the complexion as well as an all-over body bar. We can never seem to make enough of it! We use locally produced fresh goat milk from Edgwick Hudson Valley goats farm. Incredibly beneficial for dry skin. 5 ounce bar 

Lemongrass + Charcoal:

Blend of a light, earthy scent with detoxing qualities in a soothing mix for dry, sensitive or combination skin.


Eucalyptus is invigorating and healing. We recommend using this soap after a long day in the sun. The tingling feeling will help to heal over exposed skin. A perfect soap for a beach vacation! Blend of Olive oil, eucalyptus and witch hazel essential oils. Perfect for acne, oily or irritated skin.

Poison Ivy:

Mix of organic oatmeal, pink clay, and oils of balsam and amyris. And it’s rich in glycerin, so it won’t dry out your hands.

Candy Cane:

Mix of spearmint and peppermint oils.


Sunshine is made with our olive oil blend and then mixed with calendula blossoms, citrus, patchouli and spearmint essential oils. It gives your skin a fresh start to every day, a day full of Sunshine! Sensitive Skin Friendly.

Organic Rose:

Essential rose oil and rose petals hydrate, soothe and revitalize dull, dry skin. Rose essential oil has aromatherapy qualities and its fragrance calms and soothes. 

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