Pyrus Ornament by JingleNog

Pyrus Ornament by JingleNog

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Mouth Blown, Hand Painted, Decorated and Glittered In Italy

Free Blown Glass Pear Ornament Trimmed with 24K Gold Paint


Oh, pure golden one, of pear and partridge all in one, your sweet tinkling sound gathers us round to see, how you might sing high up upon the Christmas tree. Oh bird in pyrus of golden body, eye and wing, it is of you that we do now here sing. Shine bright, ever bright, oh pyrus, oh pair as one, remind us of the starry night from many moons ago, when all the stars hung in the sky so low, heaven and earth were in harmony, and all did glow. The north star they say has never been as bright, as on that special sacred night, when all did join as one and sing, for the birth of the virgina™s son, the newborn King, O Holy one.

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