Hot Skwash Rose Velvet Pumpkin w/Feathers

Hot Skwash Rose Velvet Pumpkin w/Feathers

$ 75.00


Inspiration can be found everywhere. At Hot Skwash by Daria, we look no further than Mother Nature. With her bountiful canvas of texture, shape and color nature supplies sustenance and celebration. Our collectable table top decor has established a life of its own within the walls of silk velvet pumpkins with natural stems. Every fall, thanks to the partnership and support of our local farmers, the Hot Skwash team heads off to the pumpkin fields to harvest these natural treasures.

After the velvet pumpkin is created and matched to just the right natural stem, that stem is signed in gold lettering, "Daria."

**Picture shown is for color. Pumpkin also has a collar of feathers around stem.

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