Peppochoo Ornament by JingleNog

Peppochoo Ornament by JingleNog

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•Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland. 

•Sterling Silver Lined Molded Glass Train Ornament.

• 5"Length 

Like many trains with little engines and cabooses that could move you stories before him, Peppochoo keeps a sweet smile on his head car and a peppy striped twirl in his wheels while he spins one a choo, choo, and many a more forward at a time. Peppochoo loco–motions to all that can hear — “A choo, choo, a choo choo, yes all venture near. Get up, get out there, it’s time to lay down your tracks. Remember, stay steady, keep going, you will make it up the next hill. Look forward and upward, never down, and no frowns. There is no turning back now, you have made it this far. Many thrills do await you around the next turn. Your hard work will pay off, keep rolling forward there is much for you still to do. Not sure of which direction, no worries, just follow the tracks, have faith in your smile, your engine, your wheels, you too can make it happen what ever it may be. You can do it, you will now, you’ll see! Soon you will be out loco motioning me while I watch you off track from the limbs of a nearby tree.“ X0X0, JingleNo


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