Peggie Ornament by JingleNog

Peggie Ornament by JingleNog

Sold Out

•Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland

•Sterling Silver Lined Glass Pig Ornament

•5.75" Tall

Svelte with a personality that is big, Peggie is a stylish pig, who follows her own snout, not giving a fig about what is in or out. A pig that flies, she is never at home in a blanket. Every morning at the sound of the cock, Peggy is up! Dressed in the wink of a sow’s eye, she struts and dances out of her sty, with her shopping bags in paw or a basket, she is the first to arrive and clear the table at the local banquet. She daily hunts, gathers and shops, with truffle honed tastes that are refined and top notch. A bestie to not only the barnyard animals, her oinks and squeals are universally understandable, with all God’s creatures she is compatible. She was born with the party bug, dancing often til dawn she cuts the rug, with her unique version of the jig, this swine relishes fun and certainly lives!

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