Nelli Ornament by JingleNog

Nelli Ornament by JingleNog

$ 149.00


Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Italy
•Free Blown Glass Elephant Christmas Ornament 

There once was an elephant named Nelli, who hailed from the city of New Delhi. She was born the size of a jumbo teacup, and from birth showed signs of good luck, for the tip of her trunk always pointed up. All that knew her called her their lucky charm, for with Nelli around everyone shone in their best form. She also was know for her sweet disposition, exemplifying all of the best pachydermic traits,myths and traditions. Nelli was always immaculately well dressed, her belly covered with a colorful embroidered blanket, which matched her jeweled headdress and anklets. She was the crowning highlight to all processions. Her beauty and uniquely petite physique made her destined to find parade queen as her profession. Nelli’s over sized ears were always open and ready to listen. She was known for her memory but more importantly, she was know for her loyalty. She never once divulged, judged or asked questions, so naturally she heard many discussions, received many confessions, and was privy to all sorts of information. Everyone said that she was the best friend they could have ever imagined, and it was that special quality that made her an elephant legend.

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