Jolly Claus Ornament by Inge-Glas

Jolly Claus Ornament by Inge-Glas

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Mouth-Blown, Hand-Painted Glass Christmas ornament created by the fine artisans of Inge-Glas,  features the Trade Marked Star Crown, your assurance of high quality and integrity in fine Christmas ornaments.

Product Features

  • Created by the fine artisans of Inge-Glas  in Germany as part of the 2016 Vintage Romance
  • Delicate mouth-blown clear crystal glass, precious sterling silvering, intricately hand-painted using only the most brilliant and vibrant materials available
  • The worldwide recognized and registered 5-point Inge-Glas Star Crown and unique Legend hangtag are your further assurances that you have selected the finest glass ornament in the world.

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