Illume Winter White Collection

Illume Winter White Collection

$ 14.00


Winter White soy candles. Aromatic evergreen and frosted cypress are dusted with white peppercorn, spicy-cool cardamom and a sparkling citrus nuance.

Demi Tin: 3oz, up to 20 hour burn time

Large Tin: 11.8oz, up to 50 hour burn time

Large Luxe Candle: 22oz, up to 120 hour burn time

Small Etched Glass Candle: 15.3oz, up to 60 hour burn time

Large Etched Glass Candle: 51.8oz, up to 180 hour burn time

Mercury Glass Tree Candle: 8.5oz, up to 28 hour burn time

Aromatic Diffuser: 3fl oz

Mercury Ornament Candle: 8 oz, 40 hour burn time

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