Happy Anniversary Ornament by JingleNog

Happy Anniversary Ornament by JingleNog

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Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland

Sterling Silver Lined Glass "Happy Anniversary" Dated Champagne Bucket Ornament

6" Tall

    Happy Anniversary! As this past year folds into a chapter in our history, I pause to give thanks and look forward to what lies ahead, by the side of my best friend. I am so in love with you! You are the one I adore. I am smitten and will be so forever more. You are the partner that dreams are made of. Our life’s journey has been all I could hope for. I look forward to many years more! May our days be long and filled with bright sky blues, but when it rains may we always be hand in hand and side by side, finding comfort in one another’s eyes, gently drying any tears that are cried. As our new year comes into view, I give thanks to God and to you. I want to offer you my heart anew. I vow to always be kind and true. I will always love and cherish you!

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