Grampy Ornament by JingleNog

Grampy Ornament by JingleNog

$ 125.00


The Grampy Story

Grampy is a gifted mathematician, able to calculate and reason.
It was because of his gift for math,
one year he held the position of  Navigator of Christmas Path,
but if one can add, divide, multiply and subtract,
 it does not mean they can plot out the straightest course to go fast.
  Everyone was ill one Christmas Eve with fevers and colds,
a new flight crew was required we are told,
 so the best were pulled from Lapland, the Americas and the Poles.
The rookies had not flown the route in the past but eager for the task,
the new crew thought all was grand and they were having a blast.
In the barn Grampy saddled and reined the new team of 8,
while the other elves followed his directions and loaded the sleigh,
but deer need a running start, you must load outside to take off!
So after a delay, Santa and his team of temps finally went on their way.
To every chimney they flew, re-looping around in loopdy-doos.
When they finally arrive home at dawn, Santa said with a yawn.
“Incomplete deliveries we feared. It was the longest ride of any year!”
Grampy agreed and gave Claus a present he had carefully wrapped,
a brass compass with speedometer that now stays in the sleigh’s sack.
From that Christmas on, Santa follows the straightest way home.
  • Mouth Blown, Hand Painted, Decorated and Glittered In Italy
  • Limited Edition Free Blown Italian Glass Christmas Elf Ornament
  • Collectible Red Glitter Suit Elf Ornament Holding a Free Blown Glass Peppermint Stripe Candy Cane
  • Elf Hat Trimmed with Handcrafted Holly Berry Leaf Detail
  • 6.75″H

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