Ginger Ornament by JingleNog

Ginger Ornament by JingleNog

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Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland

Silver Lined Molded Glass Gingerbread Girl Christmas Ornament 

5.25" Tall

We watch, gum drop jaw entranced as Ginger creates a sugar plum fairy worthy vision with the twirls of her dance. Snap once was rumored to have partnered with her and they danced˜til dawn after many an encore and several last songs had ensued. Our sweet red cheeked Ginger™s dance card is always full. This dark eyed sugary girl is no wall flower. She delights with her steps in the Minuets, Waltzes, Polkas, Fox Trots and yet, her moves in the Two Steps and the Charleston are famed and all that have seen her Tango say she does amaze. She is off now in the limbs of a tree, the music plays lightly and they have started to step, sparkle and twirl.

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