1ICsU Ornament by JingleNog

1ICsU Ornament by JingleNog

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Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Italy

Free Blown Glass Alien in Santa Suit Christmas Ornament

6.25" Tall

This friendly alien is named 1ICSu. He first visited earth at a young age. It was Christmastime when his space ship came, landing just in time for the village™s annual play. 1ICSu was transfixed with what he saw on the stage. Characters including a red suited man and reindeer played, while nutcrackers, angels and others danced and sang, as the crowd joined in the church bells started to clang, then the entire village held hands, bowed heads and prayed. He watched in awe until his elders pulled him away. He found a small sprig of holly on the floor, which he held in his clasped hands all the way home. He now wears the holly pinned to his ever present red suit, along with his shiny black boots. He dreams of a place named earth that is galaxies away, and proudly calls Christmas is his favorite holiday.

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