Z Wraps Food Storage - Small

Z Wraps Food Storage - Small

$ 7.50


This is your go-to wrap for all your half produce.

Think half lemons, avocados, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions - if you can hold it in one hand, you can almost definitely wrap the leftovers with a small wrap. Not to mention any little bowls, a dish of butter, or baked goods. Even a travel toothbrush and soap will be perfectly sealed with a small wrap. There's no better alternative to plastic bags than a Z Wrap!

  • Wrap cut up veggies, little slices of cheese, half a pepper, and other tiny nibbles

  • There is mighty power in this Z Wrap: when used in the kitchen, 1 small wrap can save over 1,000 plastic bags! 

Z Wraps are reusableWash with cool water and mild soap. Leave it to air dry. And be sure not to wring it out.

Dimensions: 8" x 8" 

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